A Comparative study of Endogamy in the USA. Explore Back

The author illustrates how the non-liturgical manuscripts of St. Thomas Christians were destroyed by the order of Menezes, the Archbishop of Goa under the penalty of excommunication. He also presents other factors that also caused the destruction of the valuable books. Explore Back

The Identity of Mar John of Persia and Great India

The Identity of Mar John of Persia and Great India

who Attended the First Council of Nicaea by Jacob Kollaparambil (Flip Book).


The author finds a probable linke between the Bishop of Arbel (316-345) Mar John of Persia's commission for India and an emigration of 72 Christian families from South Mesopotamia to India in A.D. 345. Explore Back

The article by Rev. Dr. Jacob Kollaparambil presents in detail the constant and unsuccessful attempts of Mar Dionysios to get united with the Catholic Church. Explore Back

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