Relevance and Purpose of Knanayology Website


Over the course of 1700 years, only a few efforts have been made to collect and maintain books, research articles, publications, and other media related to the Knanaya Community. Though the Archdiocese of Kottayam has KART (Knanaya Academy for Research and Training) to conduct research, and JET (Msgr. Dr. Jacob Kollaparambil Educational Trust) to store published materials, they have the following limitations:

1. JET houses an extensive collection of books, articles, and publications that were donated by priests and laypeople in the community. This facility has a significant number of books concerning the Knanaya Community, however, other resources available have not been gathered or safeguarded.

2.  The existing facility is in a building at Kaduthuruthy, which limits the reach of researchers, interested readers, and historians around the world to know about the community.

3.  As the Knanaya Community has existed 17 centuries, it is its right and duty to protect records, books, and other necessary information for future generations.

4.  The Knanaites are now living in over 72 countries across the globe. It is not a reasonable choice for them to make the journey to Kerala in order to gain more understanding of the community. There is a considerable amount of Knanaya youth, in particular foreign students, who conduct research on the Knanaya Community as part of their academic pursuits. They have been attempting to access resources from the community in order to gain references to complete their projects.

Because of these reasons, the Knanaya Community has a long felt need to collect, preserve, and share the resources on the roots, history, faith, traditions, and contributions of the Knanaya Community.

The Knanayology Foundation (Knanaya Global Foundation NFP) has developed a website which provides abundant resources globally, such as documents, books, articles, photos, audios, and videos, to promote research and studies on the Knanaya Community. This concept is developed by a team comprising Fr. Abraham Mutholath, Jaimon Nanthikattu, and Bijo Karakkatt, with the approval of His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, Archbishop of Kottayam and with the blessings of Mar Joseph Pandarasseril, and Geevarghese Mor Aprem, the auxiliary bishops of Kottayam. The resource team from India are Rev. Dr. Mathew Kochadampallil, Rev. Dr. George Karukaparambil MSP, and Rev. Fr. Byju Mukalel MSP. We work in collaboration with KART (Knanaya Academy for Research and Training) and JET (Dr. Jacob Kollaparambil Educational Trust). We started the website development on July 20, 2019.

Vision Statement

Knanayology envisions a world where all people have access to the rich history and culture of the Knanaya community. We will achieve this vision by collecting, preserving, and digitizing all resources related to the Knanaya community, and making them freely available online.

We will achieve our vision by:
Collecting, preserving, and digitizing historical documents, audio-visuals, and photographs related to the
Knanaya community.
Making them available for everyone worldwide on
Promoting research on Knanaya history and culture.
Developing educational resources for the Knanaya community.
Collaborating with other organizations that have the same goal.

Mission Statement aims to protect and promote the history, culture, and heritage of the Knanaya community through digital preservation and online access.
  • 2019 September 28
    Establishment of Knanaya Foundation Inc. in the State of Illinois in the U.S.A.
  • 2019 October 2
    The Secretary of State of Illinois filed the Articles of Incorporation of Knanaya Foundation Inc. under Business Corporation Act.
  • 2019 October 3
    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the Department of the Treasury assigned Employer Identification Number for this corporation.
  • 2019 October 26
    Inauguration of Knanaya Global Foundation at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre, Kottayam by Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkattu. Fr. Abraham Mutholath, Jaimon Nanthikattu, and Bijo Karakkatt are the founders.
  • 2020 November 9
    The Secretary of the State filed the Articles of Incorporation of the Knanaya Global Foundation NFP under General Not for-Profit Corporation Act.
  • 2020 November 17
    The Internal Revenue Service assigned Employer Identification Number for Knanaya Global Foundation (KGF)
  • 2021 March 20
    Launching of the renewed website and first anniversary celebration of Knanayology at Impact Center, Cherpunkal by Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.
  • 2021 March 24
    Because of operational limitations, the incorporators dissolved the Knanaya Foundation Inc. by filing the final tax return to IRS



Fr. Abraham Mutholath, Jaimon Nanthikattu, and Bijo Karakkatt.

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The Knanayology Foundation (Knanaya Global Foundation NFP), a non-profit organization registered in IL, USA, hosts Knanayology and undertakes other projects on Knanaya Community .