Prayer at home before the Betrothal

Leader: Let us begin this service by praying that today’s ceremonies will go well with the blessings of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

(All sing together the Marthomman song)

മാർത്തോമ്മാൻ നന്മയാലൊന്നു തുടങ്ങുന്നു
നന്നായ് വരേണമേയിന്ന്
ഉത്തമനായ മിശിഹാ തിരുവുള്ളം
ഉണ്മൈയെഴുന്നൾക വേണം

കാരണമായവരെല്ലാരും കൂടീട്ട്
ആലാഹാനായനും അൻപൻ മിശിഹായും
കൂടെ തുണയ്ക്ക ഇവർക്ക്.

maarththommaan nanmayaalonnu thuTangngunnu
nannaay vareenaameeyinn
uththamanaaya miSihaa thiruvuLLam
uNmaiyezhunnaLka veeNam

kaaraNamaayavarellaarum kooTeeTT
aalaahaanaayanum anpan miSihaayum
kooTe thuNaykka ivarkk.

Leader: Leader: Our Father in heaven

ALL: Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth / as it is in heaven. Give us this day the bread we need / and forgive us our debts and sins / as we have forgiven those who offended us. Do not let us fall into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For, Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Ser: Let us pray. Peace be with us.

Leader: O Lord, who blessed the servant of Abraham who went out in search of a wife from the same tribe for the forefather Isaac, look graciously upon your servant who is on his (her) way for the betrothal. O God, who united man and woman for mutual help and survival of the human race, we present to you this servant who is standing before you at this moment begging for your mercy. Give us the grace to live faithfully according to the wedding promise we are going to make today. Eternal Lord forever.

All: Amen

Serv: Trusting in the Lord, let us all pray, “Lord, hear our prayer.”

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Serv: Lord, who made a covenant with your people Israel and showed faithfulness in your promises, we pray that through this marriage promise, you bless us to grow in faithfulness and faith in the divine providence.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Serv: We pray that our children … and … (names of the groom and bride) who wish to be married through the promise that they make today will grow in love and remain dear to you forever.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Serv: We pray that the two families who wish to start a marriage relationship today will grow in mutual love and understanding.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Leader: (Laying hands on the groom’s / bride’s head) May the God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be with you. May the Lord who guarded Tobias and Sarah protect you. Now, always, and forever, Amen.

(After paying respect (sthuthi) to the parents, everyone goes to the church for betrothal).

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