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(Here we present a list of books and other publications on Knanaya Community that are available for purchase. The full books are not availbale here).

Prathiba Thachet book
"The Legacy of Southist Syrian Christians: Contributions of Knanaya Community to Kerala in a Historical Perspective" by Prathibha Thachet.

Mapleton Knanaya People
Knanaya Catholics, History, Heritage, Heroes by Alex Mapleton (Partial) (FLIP BOOK).


Land’s Anecdota Syriaca on the Syrians of Malabar. This has reference to a vision the bishop of Edessa had that led to the emigration of a community under Thomas Kynai.

T. K Joseph, Thomas Cana, published in 1927 / 1928 in Indian Antiquary.

T K Joseph, Thomas Cana and remarks of H Hosten published in 1928 in Indian Antiquary.

A. Thazhath, The Law of Thomas.

J. Wicki, Documenta Indica, that contains several letters sent by missionaries from India. A lot of information is given about St. Thomas Christians, missions in India, different castes and communities there including references to Knanaya community.

Documenta Indica. v.11. Wicki, Josef ed. 226

Documenta Indica. v.11. Wicki, Josef ed 602.

W. German, Die Kirche der Thomaschristen: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der orientalischen Kirchen.

W. Logan, Malabar Manual published in 1887.

G. Sebastiani, Prima Spedizione all’india orientale. Sebasitiani was a commission sent by Rome after Coonan Cross Oath in 1653. This is his first book describing his arrival in India. This time he was a simple priest.

G. Sebastiani, Seconda Spetione all’india orientale. Rome sent him to India a second time ordaining him archbishop. This time he had a vast power to redress the division in Malabar. He ordained Chandy parambil as archbishop.

Changanacherry Archdiocese Silver Jubilee Souvenir
Golden Jubilee Souvenir of the Archeparchy of Changanacherry published in 2006 (FLIP BOOK).

Die Malankararish Katholishe Kirche by J Chediath
Die Malankararish Katholishe Kirche by J Chediath (FLIP BOOK)


ക്രിസ്ത്യാനികൾ, ക്രിസ്തുമതത്തിനൊരു കൈപ്പുസ്തകം. Christians. A Handbook on Christianity by Boby Thomas (FLIP BOOK).

Flame of White  on Pope Pius X
Flame of White, Biography of St. Pope Pius X who establised Kottayam Missam in 1911 excelusively for Knanaya Catholics (FLIP BOOK)